5 Best Guns in Cyber Hunter Game


Cyber Hunter PC

Cyber Hunter is a competitive sandbox mobile game for IOS and Android mobile devices. It has different elements, including Survival, exploration, Shooting, Skills and much more. We can say, it is a brand new experience in gaming. The company comes with a different type of Battle Royale. The Cyber-Hunter is a Sci-Fi game which has a variety of vehicles and guns. The game has terrain and map which is also beautiful. You can also Download Cyber Hunter PC.

This game is different from other games like PUBG because it has Sci-Fi elements, Cartoonish Graphics etc. There are different guns available in the game which shoot charged laser shots. The list of top five guns in cyber hunter game are listed below:

Best Guns in Cyber Hunter

Liberty Alpha:

If you are a new player at Cyber hunter, then you can go with Liberty Alpha Gun. This is an auto rifle, which has balanced performance. When this gun is equipped with an e-core, damage to the vehicles and also quantum materials are increased.


This is an auto SMG gun in cyber hunter. This gun gives amazing stability with high performance. The gun is good for new and old players.

The Crusader Gun:

This is the best gun because you can use this gun in all types of combat in the game. When this gun equipped with an e-core firing noise is reduced means when you fire a very less noise is being made when you used this gun.


It is semi-auto shotgun with deals of high damage but has an unstable trajectory. Use this gun with other forearms. This gun is best for long term users.


It is an arc shotgun. The gun is best to aim your target because this gun automatically aims the target. This gun is given medium recoil.  When equipped with E-core, it releases slow moving, but with a powerful ball of electricity.

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